Tank & Boiler Services

Fuel Storage Tanks

We can advise on EPA compliant oil storage, and we also supply and install fully bunded oil storage tanks in plastic or steel in sizes available from 1,000lts to 100,000lts. We are agents for Envirostore & Kingspan/Titan oil storage tanks.


Fuel Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing

The polishing equipment firstly removes the visible water from the bottom of your storage tank. The fuel is then pumped through a fuel /water separator. This process removes 99% of water and filters the fuel down to 10 microns. The fuel is allowed to circulate through the separator and several times back into the tank until all the sediment is cleaned from the tank bottom. This service is supplied by one of our dedicated contractors.


Boiler Servicing

We can arrange tank replacement carried out to OFTEC standards, and we also can arrange boiler servicing by an OFTEC Certified Technician at your request. We offer technical advice on all aspects of home heating and fuel storage.