Fuel Additives

Biocide Additive for Motor Diesel

This additive is designed to be a problem solver where microbiological contamination (Diesel bug) has occurred. Diesel bug is a black sludge that occurs in Diesel which is stored in damp conditions. It is becoming a more frequent problem due to our wet climate, and also to the addition of 7% Biodiesel requested by the government in July 2010. If not treated, this contamination can cause increased fuel filter blockage, loss of engine power and extensive damage to the fuel system of your car or truck.

One bottle of Biocide Additive treats and cures 2500lts of Motor Diesel and can be added in smaller quantities to new or clean tanks to prevent this contamination from occurring.


Anti-wax / Anti freeze Additive for Motor & Agri Diesel

This additive is designed to stop Diesel waxing/gelling and even freezing in extreme winter weather down to -30°C. This product also aids combustion leading to easy starting in extreme conditions. The treatment rate of 1ltr of additive to 1000lts of Diesel will cope with the harshest European climate.


Heating Oil / Kerosene Boiler Additive

This additive boosts the burning efficiency of your burner and helps you avoid expensive servicing costs, especially on Aga cookers and vaporizing stoves. This product also reduces the carbon level of the fuel helping the environment. One bottle of Heating Oil Additive can be added before your Home Heating Oil delivery and treats 1000lts of fuel.